Leona Lewis Hair Styles

By | November 10, 2014

Leona Lewis Hair Styles

Leona Lewis Hair Styles

Hair style: 1940’s glamour

Get the look: 40’s rolls square measure super hot immediately. the difficulty is they are not that simple to try and do yourself.

Asking a artificer to make Associate in Nursing awing up do is that the best thanks to guarantee excellent party hair – Headmasters square measure specialists otherwise you will strive any variety of blow dry bars like in Topshop.

Try it at home: Blow dry your hair straight and section off an over sized portion at the front.

Pull th remaining hair into a mid-height pony tail and spray with hairspray.

Back-comb the section gently.

Using a little brush, work the comb over the front of the section to sleek it out so do a similar to the rear. It might. you are not making an attempt to get rid of the back-combing, you are making an attempt to disguise it.

Once the it’s pretty sleek once more, use your fingers to roll the hair into a tube, roll it all the mannerall the way down to your head. Roll towards the front.

Once your roll is in place, come in some pins. you mostly place pins in wherever your fingers square measure holding the design in place. attempt to ensure the pins you place in don’t show!

Spray and your done.

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