Aishwarya Rai’s weight loss secret that you can follow

By | November 8, 2016

Apart from this, Aishwarya made the right opinion. She took her time enjoying motherhood and she did all the efforts for her curvy body to the fullest. But soon, the actress stunned the media and the public with her recent appearance which was a great answer for media as well as from those people who were saying that she will not enter in the Bollywood. The celebrity-wife-mother is now flaunting a slim, graceful figure with none of the poundage she gained during her pregnancy.

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Aishwarya has done a great job in her weight loss which is extremely noticeable. Also, she has the media going senseless over this beauty. Newspapers columns, blogs, and TV shows are overflowing with questions about the star’s diet and exercise schedule. All people of this country like working women, mother’s, college students and other women across the country were crazy about Aishwarya’s body fitness. Also, everyone is having a question that! how did she do this in a short time?

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